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Aqua Tissue – Magic Coin Compressed Disposable Tissue (7pcs / cylinder container)
Product Code : cointissue002  
Brands : Aqua Tissue  
Price : HKD 28  
Main Features :

Aqua Tissue – Magic Coin Compressed Disposable Tissue (7pcs / cylinder container)

Dry Compressed Aqua Towels are compressed into small tablets that expand into soft cloths to clean up messes wherever you go.

Certified by the Korean Research Institute of Health and Environment

Made with material extracted from 100% natural cellulose, the natural pulp approved by Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA)

Germfree, Polution-free

No preservative, Alcohol-free, No fluorescent material

No addictives or exogenous chemicals are included

Bacterial growth is impossible because it is dried and compressed

It is guarantee that every tissue is clean and safe

Safe for all types of skin

The most hygienic disposable wet towel, because it uses drinking water

Innovative and sanitary disposable tissue which is dried and compressed by using pure natural pulp

This is eco-friendly product which is made from natural material that is biodegradable after use.

Dried and compressed as a coin size, for easy storage and easy carry (portable), enabling you to fully enjoy your activities with no worries or hassle

Use for various purposes

  • Sanitary disposable wet towel at restaurant.

  • Disposable dishcloth, rag at home

  • Hygiene wipes for baby

  • Hygiene wipes for who have sensitive skin (atopic patients or patients with haemorrhoids).

  • Cosmetic tissue for women

  • Eco-friendly disposable tissue for golf, fishing, travel.

Small Tablet: 0.8 in. x 0.3 in. (20 mm x 8 mm)

Towel: 9 in. x 6.7 in. (230 mm x 170 mm)

From a dry compressed shape, it transform into a wet tissue with just a small amount of water.  How to use:

  1. Pouring 5-10 cc of water,

    you can use variously with warm water, saline, G-Sol Disinfectant Spray, BeBeSol for Kids, or Baby Organics Baby Massage Oil (ACO100%)  (depending on the purposes)

  2. Spread a tissue

  3. Wipe on object

How to use:

Aqua Tissue Compressed Size:

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