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We will ask reliable transport companies to provide door-to-door delivery service.

For self-pick-up at an S.F. service point, deliver to a commercial/industrial/residential address (defined by SF-Express):

Density of a package is one of the factors affecting the shipping rate.  The volumetric weight of a package is an index reflecting the package’s density.  A less dense package generally occupies more space, in comparison to its actual weight.  Thus, shipping rate is determined according to the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

With reference to the industry practice, the formula used to calculate volumetric weight (in kg) is:

Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) ÷ 6,000 (DIM weight factor)

(Please note that the calculation varies with different countries and regional market practices.)

You may check for the domestic express rates through the following link:

Hong Kong Domestic Express Rates(Effective 1 September, 2019)

If you purchase more than HK$1000 (after the discount, excluding the courier fee) and if the parcel weighs less than 1kg, you can enjoy free delivery to any S.F. Service Centres, SF Express Business Locations, S.F. Stores, EF-lockers, industrial/ commercial/ residential address within Hong Kong*.    (We will pay the courier fee for you, but it may take half or one more working day for EF Locker or a residential address).

Customers are welcome to use the SF-Express self-pickup service.  You may only need to give us the corresponding address and store code of your pickup point, so that we can fill it on the waybill.


S.F. Express Service Centers Locations:


SF Express Business Locations:


S.F. Store Locations:


EF-Locker Locations:


#HAPPY E-BABIES will try our best to choose the most reasonable and reliable courier service, but we also welcome customers to make individual request.

^The courier company has the final decision of the courier fee.

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