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InfoThink - iAnion-100 Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier (Plain Colour)
Product Code : iAnion-100-w (white), iAnion-100-p (pink), iAnion-100-n (navy), iAnion-100-b (black)  
Brands : InfoThink Portable Air Purifier  
Price : HKD 799  
Special Price : HKD 748  
Product Color :  
Main Features :

InfoThink - iAnion-100 Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier (Plain Colour)


  • Wearing design with light-weight chain
    Highly efficient negative ion generator with stylish chain made of stainless steel
    Ultra-light purifier cause no pressure on your neck
  • 20 million negative ions released per cm3/sec (MAX)
    Operation modes:Indoor/ large amount of negative ions;Outdoor/ power saving
    Suitable for people with hay fever, allergy or commuters when in room or outside
  • Up to 99.9% of PM0.1 being efficiently removed
    Low ozone generation (
    Noiseless, filterless and no electromagnetic radiation
  • USB Rechargeable
    Battery under overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and overcurrent protection
  • SGS, BSMI, UN38.3, MSDS, CE certified
  • Designed and made in Taiwan


InfoThink Negative Ion Portable Air Purifier

Part No. & Barcode

iAnion-100 / 4712477649090


PC, 316 stainless steel

Product Size

 69 x 25 x 18 mm

Product Weight

23 g

Power Source

lithium battery 250mAh

Charging Time

approx. 1 hour*

Play Time

30 hours (indoor mode)

Modes of Output

outdoor(consecutive) / indoor(periodical)

 *When charging, it is recommended to charge with a 5V 1 A charger to avoid battery loss.

Made in Taiwan

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