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Mother-K Breastmilk StorageBags (2 Easy cut) 180ml/pc, 30pcs
Product Code : MBSB  
Brands : Mother-K  
Price : HKD 79  
Main Features :

Mother-K Breastmilk StorageBags (2 Easy cut) 180ml/pc, 30pcs

Mother-K Breastmilk Storage Bags are anti-bacterial, providing a clean and hygiene environment for your breastmilk! 
Easy heating up of bag saves time and strong materials preserves the quality of breastmilk! 
Retain 100% breastmilk, give the best to your baby!


Why choose Breastmilk Storagebags EasyCut?

1. Easy and Hygienic Easy Cut

You can easily open the pack with the two easy cut lines.  It can also make sure the breastmilk is safe while the bacteria cannot enter the bag while cutting one of the Easy Cut.

2. Easy Pour

The second Easy Cut line is narrow-designed which makes it easier to pour into a feeding bottle, without leakage.  Besides, the bag is also designed as a standing jar which makes it always standing while being in the fridge, to look more organized and save more space.

3. The temperature is automatically tested and shown on the bag

The logo of Mother-K at the bottom of the pack is actually a temperature sensor which the colour changes according to the temperature, too cold, ready-to-drink or too hot.  Easy for mothers to know when is the breastmilk ready for their babies.

4. BPA-Free Safety Material

Mother-K Breastmilk Storagebags do not contain BPA or any other environmental hormones: they have passed the safe material inspection and leak testing, in accordance with the production processes and specifications of the packaging.  Four-side sealing design is safer and more hygienic, moms can use them safely

5. Keep easy and convenient when you go out or work

This is necessaries for a working mom who wants to keep breastfeeding, but please use the cooler bag after pumping while a fridge is not available

Pieces 30 pieces
Volume 180ml
Size 100mm x 180mm
Quality Material LLDPE, PET
2 Easy cut, Easy Pour,
Appropriate temperature display
Made in Korea



1. Bags must be stored or used in an upright or self standing position.
    Bags left in other positions or any unnecessary pressure on it may cause leakage
2. Use 40°C ~ 60°C to warm up the breastmilk, never use too hot water to damage the quality or nutritients inside the breastmilk
3. Do not warm up the bag in microwave to preserve the quality & retain 100% nutrients in your breastmilk
4. Do not mix breastmilk that has been warmed up with the new ones
5. Do not refreeze/refridge leftover breastmilk or use for feeding
6. Keep enough space in bag as it may expand during freezing
7. Keep hands clean while handling bags or breastmilk
8. Do not blow air into the bag
9. Do not feed baby directly from the bag
10. Remember the shelf life of breastmilk by indicating storage date on bag

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