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Prevent and Cure Eczema/ other skin problems
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AD RescueWear Eczema Sleeves Long for Arms and Legs - for elder kids or adults
Product Code : adrescuewear0016 (XS), adrescuewear0017 (S), adrescuewear0018 (M), adrescuewear0019 (L), adrescuewear0020 (XL)  
Brands : AD RescueWear: The Treatment: Wet and Dry Wrap Therapy for Eczema  
Price : HKD 438  
Special Price : HKD 388  
Product Size :  
Main Features :

AD RescueWear Eczema Sleeves Long for Arms and Legs - for elder kids or adults

Eczema Sleeves Used to Treat Arm and Leg Eczema

Wear these eczema sleeves over an eczema emollient such as Vaniply Ointment after a warm bath or shower.  Stops the itch and soothes skin.

Our Fabric is Superior For Eczema

Tencel® is Revolutionary for eczema sufferers.  Soft and gentle on skin with enhanced breathability and exceptional moisture management providing a less favorable environment for bacteria to grow.  There are no additives woven in to actively reduce bacteria growth.  Most eczema fabrics have chemicals such as zinc embedded into their fabric to manage the growth of bacteria.  Our eco-friendly fabric soothes eczema without chemical additives.  Fabric made with Tencel® fibers are some of the softest fabrics in the world and the breathability supports the body's natural thermo regulating abilities.  Our fabric is super smooth and designed to stay close to the skin for effective treatment.  Dye, chemical and zinc free.

Why Use Cotton or Synthetics When You Have Eczema Soothing Tencel®.

Treat Itchy Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet and Ankles in Seconds.

  • Ultra Soft Fabric Proven Superior for Eczema – Eco-friendly.
  • Use Over Vaniply Eczema Ointment for Soothing Relief.
  • Wear Damp Under a Dry Layer for Wet Wrap Therapy to Heal the Skin Barrier, Calm the Itch and Provide More Restful Sleep.  Research Reports a 70% Reduction in Eczema Symptoms in 5 Days of Treatment.
  • Excellent Worn Dry Under Clothing to Soothe and Prevent Scratching.  Wonderful Over Emollients.
  • TENCEL® Fabric is Anti-itch and has Thermo-Regulating Properties – Great for Hot, Itchy Eczema and Dry Cracked Eczema.  
  • TENCEL® Moisture Management Provides a Less Favorable Environment for Bacteria to Grow. There are no Additives to Actively Reduce the Growth of Bacteria. 
  • Sold as a Pair.
  • Flat Seams and Stretchy Hems for Easy Application.
  • Economical Wet Wrapping – Wash and Reuse!
  • Machine Wash in a Gentle Wash Laundry Bag, Inside Out, to Increase Longevity of Product.

94% TENCEL®/Lyocell/6% Spande

Available in White Only.  Dyes Have Been Shown to Irritate Eczema.

TENCEL® is an Oeko-Tex Fiber

Made in USA


Extra Small: Narrow End: Circumference 8"; Wide End: Circumference 13"; Length: 14.5"

Small: Narrow End: Circumference 10"; Wide End: Circumference 16"; Length: 15"

Medium: Narrow End: Circumference 11"; Wide End: Circumference 18"; Length: 15"

Large: Narrow End: Circumference 12"; Wide End: Circumference 19"; Length: 15"

Extra Large: Extra Small: Narrow End: Circumference 14"; Wide End: Circumference 21"; Length: 16.5"

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