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FlextailGear Tropo Portable Air Pump (needs AA batteries)
Product Code : flextail002gn (green), flextail002bl (blue), flextail002gr (grey), flextail002pn (pink)  
Brands : Flextail Gear  
Price : HKD 128  
Product Color :  
Weight(g) : 100  
Main Features :

FlextailGear Tropo Portable Air Pump (needs AA batteries)

TROPO is the first portable air pump powered by AA batteries.
Features: small size, light weight, high power and simple opreation, it can meet your inflation and deflation needs at the same time.
The product is equipped with 4 air nozzles, which can adapt to most of the inflatable products in your daily life, so that you will never worry about inflation.
It has four colorful colors to choose from.  There is always one to satisfy you.



1. Strong Power

  • It is powered by 4 AA batteries and can be used continually for 40 minutes. The maximum flow rate can reach 300L/MIN.  It can fill you with 12 swimming rings / 8 air cushions / 4 air beds, that will let your outdoor life has no worries.

2. Super light

  • It is made of high quality ABS material, weighs only 100G and smaller
    than a can. Light and easy to carry, it can be placed directly into your
    pocket to help you lose excess weight in outdoor activities..

3. Widely used

  • It comes with 4 additional air nozzles to fit most inflatable products on the market, such as outdoor air cushions, household air beds, swimming rings and inflatable toys.  In the mean time, it also has a pumping function, which is a perfect tool for your home storage.


Dimensions: 62.5 x 62.5 x 54.5mm

Weight: 100g

Dimensions with package: 98 x 59 x 133mm

Weight with package: 170g

Battery: AA Battery^ x 4 (not included)

Run time (Ordinary Battery): 20 mins

Run time (Rechargable Battery): 40  mins

Maximum Load Current: 15W

Main material: ABS

Air Cylinder Diameter: 47mm

Maximum Inflation Pressure: 2kPa

Maximum Deflation Pressure: 1.8kPa

Flow: 300 L/min

Waterproof Level: Not water resistant

Cerificates: CE, KC, RoHS, FCC

What are included: Tropo air pump, 4 nozzles, a manual, a storage pouch


^Alkaline batteries are recommended (zinc-carbon batteries are not good and are not recommended for customers); for rechargable dry batteries, Nickelhydis is the most recommended.

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