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Cool Towel and Tube9 Coolet with UV Protection
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N-rit: Ice Mate Cool Towel with Dual layer Cooling Technology
Product Code : nsc325blbl (Blue & Victoria Blue), nsc325libl (Blue & Lime), nsc325whpi (Pink & White), nsc325livi (Violet & Lime), nsc325grbl (Classic Blue & Greenery), nsc325lior (Orange & Lime)  
Brands : N-rit Outdoor Sports  
Price : HKD 100  
Product Color :  
Main Features :

N-rit: Ice Mate Cool Towel with Dual layer Cooling Technology

Product Feature:

- Made by Cool-X Fabric

- Activate the cooling technology with water, simply “Wet it, Wring it and Snap it”

- Dual layer: Outside (Mesh textured) is for fast cooling and the other side is for soft drying

- The cooling effect is directly proportional to the amount of water evaporation from the towel, so the stronger/ faster/ more often you swing the towel, the more obvious is the cooling effect.  When the cooling effect is no more obvious, simply reactivate it by rewetting the towel, and then wring and snap it again.

- Wet it with ice water to further enhance the cooling effect

- The cooling effect is NOT chemically treated, comes from the technology within the Cool-X Fabric, safe to use and long lasting

- Put the activated Cool Towel around your neck can quickly absorbs the moisture and take away the heat from your body, keep you cool and dry

- Ideal for sports, camping, exercising, leisure, any outdoor activities in hot weather, insect bites, first aid, Fever Relief, Sore Joints, Pain Relief and Hot Flashes, etc.

- Dimensions: 100 x 20cm

- Materials: Cool-X Fabric: Outer (Mesh Fabric) - 100% Polyester, Inner - 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex

- Machine washable, easy to clean

- Available colour: Blue & Victoria Blue, Blue & Lime, Pink & White, Violet & Lime, Classic Blue & Greenery, Orange & Lime

- Made in Korea



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