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G-Sol 365 Portable Kit
Product Code : gsol0013  
Brands : G-SOL (Global Solution) Anti-viral Disinfectant Spray  
Price : HKD 196  
Special Price : HKD 168  
Main Features :

G·Sol 365 Portable Kit

  • Antibacterial + Deodorants + Insects-proof: portable kit
  • Antiviral/Antibacterial effects (New Flu, Bird Flu, etc.)
  • Remove odors from clothes, bedding and etc.
  • Excellent removal effect against a variety of insects like as house mite
  • Remove odors from shoes and protect athlete’s foot

The Kit includes:

  • Disinfectant G.Sol® spray: 30ml
  • Eco·BreeSol spray: 30ml
  • Shoes Fresh spray: 30ml
  • BeBeSol for Kids (with G-Sol Formula) (30ml)
  • Personal Traveling/ Auto-camping
  • Military industries (Training)
  • Souvenir/ Gifts of event
  • Insurance promotional give
  • Traveling agency
Ingredients:Silver Colloid, Titania, Pure Water and Herb Extracts
  • Disinfectant G.Sol® spray(30ml)
  • Eco·BreeSol spray(30ml)
  • Shoes Fresh spray(30ml)
  • BeBeSol for Kids (with G-Sol Formula) (30ml)
How to use:Please refers to individual products
Expiry date:2 years
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